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Born To Sparkle Glitter Pin Design Kit, Glitter Pin Design Kit


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Create fabulous flair pins with this Born to Sparkle Glitter Pin Kit. Make 18 fabulous pins using the enclosed eight glitter colors to paint the fashion icon pins. Finished pins look great on denim jackets, backpacks, pouches and more. Easy and quick to design to make a great BFF gift to share or use as a perfect party craft activity. This kit includes 18 pins in unicorn, rainbow, bird, heart, peace sign, ice cream cone, lava lamp, rocket ship, avocado, crystal, leaf, smoothie, eye, balloon animal, flower, pineapple, planet and whatever designs, 18 pin backs, eight glitters in fuchsia, gold, lime green, green, blue, purple, silver and black and one glue. For ages 8 and up.


Fashion Angels

Fashion Angels