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Dual Brush Pens 10-pen Sets, Muted Tones Set


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These ever-popular double-headed, flexible nylon fiber brush pens have a single ink reservoir and two tips one brush tip and one fine tip. The water-based ink is acid-free, non-toxic and blendable, allowing for an endless palette of colors. Each set includes one blender.

Primary Set: process yellow, pink rose, scarlet, sap green, cyan, imperial purple, brown, black, blender and crimson.
Secondary Set: dark olive, dark plum, Chinese red, orange, saddle brown, dark jade, reflex blue, blender and chrome orange.
Landscape Set: light sand, burnt sienna, redwood, warm gray 5, gray green, hunter green, blender, navy blue, lamp black and true blue.
Portrait Set: peach, flesh, baby pink, blush, pale cherry, blender, tan, black and chocolate.
Grayscale Set: black, lamp black, blender, cool gray 7, cool gray 10, cool gray 6, cool gray 5, cool gray 1 and two cool gray 3.
Brights Set: blender, chartreuse, hot pink, imperial purple, orange, process yellow, purple, reflex blue, rubine red and willow green.
Muted Tones Set: black, blender, burnt sienna, chocolate, cool gray 12, dark plum, hunter green, navy blue, wine red and yellow gold.
Pastel Set: blender, asparagus, carnation, coral, glacier blue, mist purple, pale yellow, mint, purple sage and orchid.
Galaxy Set: blender, lamp black, cool gray 7, green, ultramarine, mint, turquoise, royal purple, rubine red and rhodamine red.
Citrus Set: process yellow, chartreuse, willow green, sap green, rhodmine red, warm red, scarlet, orange, burnt sienna and saddle brown.
Desert Flora Set: blender, hot pink, pink punch, opal, persimmon, red, light orange, baby yellow, lemon lime, asparagus, light olive, light green, Alice blue, bright blue, tiki teal, peacock blue, light blue, orchid, deep magenta and jet blue.
Celebration Set: scarlet, hot pink, sky blue, yellow gold, flesh, pink, warm red, sap green, process blue and process yellow.
Cottage Set: blush, opal, chrome orange, gold ochre, asparagus, holly green, sand, true blue, dark plum and port red.
Retro Set: pale yellow, orange, mauve, coral, carmine, purple, ultramarine, bright blue, sea blue and light olive.
Bohemian Set: sea green, hunter green, yellow gold, violet, dark plum, navy blue, cool gray 10, lamp black, deep magenta and deep blue.